types of 4wd Campers

For the purpose of a definition, a 4WD Camper can be defined as basically a four wheel drive mobile home. Our definition does not include campers that are towed. That is a whole broad category on its own.  

4WD Campers requires no towing, which actually open a another big benefit. Since your “home” is on the back, your tow bar is free to tow the likes of your boat. For those who enjoy fishing, this significantly broadens your camping experience. Or perhaps as many people do, their horse float.

You could consider 4WD Campers to range from a basic tent setup to the top end of comfort... yes complete with washing machine! Here's a summary, with links to more details:

1. Roof Top Tents

A basic but a goodie setup is a tent mounted on the roof racks above the cab or over the ute tub or canopy....  more

2. Troop Carriers, Vans

A troop carrier pop top  camper conversion allows you to live inside and handle the toughest conditions....  more

3. Slide-on campers

A 4WD ute and a Motorhome in one with one difference - you can slide off the camper....  more

4. Fixed 4wd Camper

The closest option to a motorhome but with full go anywhere four wheel drive capability....  more

5. Truck/ Camper

If comfort and go anywhere grunt is your thing, a truck camper is your thing....  more

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