Our first experience with a slide on camper was in 2019 where we drove six thousand kilometers across Canada. Our Ford 350 had a very comfortable and well appointed Adventurer brand camper on the back (picture below). Certainly high on the comfort level. To be honest we didn’t think much about it, seeing it as unique to North America. Until we decided to look at four wheel drive options to explore Australia. 

Slide on rented in Canada.....

It’s when we discovered the "hidden" 4WD Camper market. I say hidden, because sure, we were familiar with the broad range of RV motorhomes, converted busses and vans, but apart from the four wheel drive truck campers, the mainstream slide on camper market seemed elusive.

We were looking for an element of adventure and flexibility…. but without towing. Not that there was a problem with towing, or backing up a caravan – I enjoy the skill. But in this stage of life, we wanted an element of adventure without the constraints of towing. And that’s what led us to 4wd Campers. In particular slide-ons. 

sharing our experience

And this is where the fun began. We live in Western Australia and most of the slide on campers live in the eastern states. Not sure why, given the vast four wheel drive nature of WA. This meant viewing slide-ons has been challenging. However, having discovered all the benefits of this exciting slide on market, I hope sharing this information will also help you make an informed choice.

Current slide on..... (Don't you love the difference between the Canadian background above to the Aussie red dust!) 

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Thanks for your interest in checking out Aussie 4WD Campers. If you have found the information useful, I'd be delighted to hear from you. I know what it was like when we were researching slide ons. To be honest, it would have been easier many times to simply get a camper trailer... and cheaper. But we are so glad we stuck it out and kept persevering with the research. That's why I hope putting all this information together for you has been useful.

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