Slide-on Camper Trolley

I designed this trolley so we could store our camper in our low height carport. Plus it had to be the next best thing to being as simple as hitching on a caravan. Here's what I set out to do...

  • When loading the camper, the trolley had to make it easier to adjust the final position of the camper when lowering the camper on to the tray.
  • Be only a one step process when loading the camper compared to a normal trolley underneath.
  • Have the ability to lower the camper down to approximately 240mm off the floor so it can be be moved and stored, for example in low carports, which for the Active Camper gives an approximate minimum height of 2100mm.
  • Be easy to maneuver.
  • Be sturdy when moving
  • Disassembles right down for transport and storage

2100mm Clearance

To achieve the lowest position for storing in low areas (2079mm for an Active Camper Advantage), each leg is repositioned so the bottom of each leg (outer tube) is level with camper (new holes in leg frame required). This requires supporting each of the corners on the base of the camper, so one at a time as each leg is repositioned (eg using a car jack stand).

 2000mm Clearance

With this trolley, the above camper can be lowered down to 1990mm by replacing the castor wheels with lower profile wheels and using leg extenders on the back as used on the front of the camper. This allows the back to sit further down, with the camper rails sitting level with the top of the frame  

1950mm Clearance

With a modification to the frame by mounting the cross braces below the frame, the camper could be lowered an additional 50mm.

Trolley Video

Here's a video I put together offering an overview of the trolley. You'll notice the trolley disassembles to a small package which can then be conveniently transported anyway around Australia. If you have a similar challenge with carport size, let me know at  

 Updated Trolley Version 

Here's a video of an upgraded version that offers a motorised option. The camper is also able to rest on the trolley.   

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