Fixed 4wd Campers

If you’re a fan of Dick Smith, then you’d no doubt be interested in this type of four wheel camper. It’s the closest option to a motorhome but with full four wheel drive capability. There’s two key differences to a slide on. One where the camper is fixed to the chassis, that is on the tray. 

Secondly, typically, as in a motorhome, it has a hard roof without the pop up.  

 It’s generally a more expensive option than a slide on, given it is fitted out more like a motorhome. Plus, it’s a much more straightforward purchase without the hassle of needing to match a vehicle to your choice of slide-on.

Not required is to decide on the type of camper you want, order it, then decide on the most suitable vehicle, order it, then arrange a GVM upgrade on the vehicle. And then finally, fit the camper to the tray. With this option, one purchase and you are ready to drive away.

So yes, while a fixed four wheel drive camper has so much going for it, you do miss the slide-on, slide off benefits of a slide-on camper.


Pros: Nice, comfortable living with the go-anywhere capability of a regular four wheel drive. Convenient single bay parking, except for low level shopping centre car parks. No need to park away from the main street to find a park. ideal. Simple no fuss purchase and drive away. No techo required such as researching and arranging GVM upgrades 

Cons: Watch the low level car parks. Camper is fixed to the four wheel drive, which means its always a mobile home. Unlike the slide on where at home you can take the camper off and use the vehicle for other purposes, or simply without the need to to lug the camper around on the back. 

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