Gas Heater Vent Cover

If you are also concerned about dust and mud as well as wasp nests, spiders and bugs getting into the open vent on your camper, here's a solution....


This is a third party produced cover to fit an external Gas Vent, as fitted to caravans, camper and RV's.

The cover prevents dust and mud from entering the vent cavity while travelling... particularly where the vent is fitted to the rear of the camper or RV. Plus when stationary or in storage it will keep bugs, wasp nests and spiders out.

The cover is held into position by 3 internal lugs as the cover is hand twisted into position over the vent which seals against the rubber seal at the back of the vent.

The cost of the cover is $35.00 plus Express Post. Note: payment is by credit card, and will appear on your statement as "InfoTec Communications". The covers are produced on demand so please allow up to five business days to dispatch.

: It is understood the heater manufacturer ceased supplying cowl covers because of a failure with the heater not sensing the cowl cover, resulting in a fire. You should also be aware use of a cowl cover may void warranty and potentially be the cause of such a serious incident if the cover is not removed prior to use.  It is therefore a condition of purchase, the Buyer acknowledges the cover MUST always be removed prior to use of the gas heater and agrees to indemnify the seller or the producer of the cover or the manufacturer of the camper or van against any damages, personal or material, that may be caused through the use of the gas heater cover.

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Express Post: $35.00 + $14.50 postage....