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Guide To Choosing A Slide-On Camper

Hello Fellow Fun Loving Adventurer….

My name is Chris Herrmann. Probably just like you, we knew we wanted to experience a sense of adventure. That’s when we discovered slide-on camping.

But with so many options and choices, where do you begin? That’s I wrote this guide, “Everything I Learnt About Slide-On Campers: The Complete Guide”.

This guide is written with you in mind, to help you navigate through the maze of options.

Here’s what you will learn in this guide….

  • Discover what type of adventurous experience you are looking for. First off, we’ll have a brief look at the range of camping options other than just slide-ons. Money buys comfort, but not necessarily adventure. Camping is all about compromise. Understand what compromises fit your needs.
  • Learn why a slide-on camping experience has so much to offer. Particularly as a fellow empty nester, around retirement age.
  • Learn which style of slide-on camping suits you. Having first considered which type of camping fits your style, you’ll now be better positioned to understand which type of slide-on suits you. The choice is broad. Choose from the remote adventurer to the comfort seeking experience. With so many choices and options, having a clear idea will save you time and possibly money by helping you focus on exactly what you want.  
  • Understand the essentials. You may have heard of terms like GVM, AGM, lithium, inverters, etc. To be honest, before I started out looking into slide-on campers, some of these terms were not familiar to me. This guide will help you understand the essentials and why you need to have a basic understanding of what they mean.
  • Discover why the need for powered sites are almost a thing of the past with a slide-on. And learn about the many features that make your slide-on an adventurous but enjoyable experience.
  • Plus, find out much more, such as which vehicles to avoid and the ones best suited to slide-on campers.

When we first discovered slide-ons, it would have been much simpler to just hitch and tow. But we are so glad we stuck with it. We love our slide-on camper. And I’m sure you will find it worthwhile as well. 

Whatever your choice, investing in a four-wheel drive plus camper is a significant investment of tens of thousands of dollars. The small cost of having the right information such as this guide could save you a huge investment in money and time. That's why, to help you fast track your research, I priced the guide at only $17. 

We love the adventure and freedom our camper gives us. I sincerely hope you will find the guide as much value to you as it would have been to us.

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