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Aussie 4WD Campers =
The Freedom to Explore

Give your adventurous spirit a home! 

More than just a home on wheels... 
a home on a four wheel drive. 

If you are looking for a spirit of adventure, a four wheel drive camper gives you the flexibility to explore more of Australia, untethered from towing...  unless you want to bring along your boat! 

4wd Campers

Four wheel drive campers covers a broad range of options and choices to suit every possible need. That’s the reason behind this site. To help you navigate through the maze of options to find a 4wd camper solution that best fits your needs. 

There is one guaranteed outcome though... and that is compromise.  When it comes to camping there’s will always be a trade off between comfort and adventure. A high level of comfort comes at  a cost of weight, size and cost. If you are looking for at least some level of adventure, your solution is probably somewhere in between.

comfort vs freedom

If comfort and style includes the likes of a washing machine and comfy sofa, you can't go past a stylish caravan or RV motorhome. Not to say a high end truck camper couldn't help you out as well. However, there are people opting out of a caravan, instead choosing the more adventure of a 4WD camper. Others who have enjoyed the adventure and perhaps that bit older, are upping the comfort level and space of a caravan or motorhome.

But if your stage of life and need is for adventure beyond just the caravan parks, to enjoy more of the off grid camping experience, 4WD camping is really a great fit.

choices to suit your needs

There are some great options to be more adventurous and still enjoy a level of comfort beyond the basics. Being adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean disappearing into far off remote and uncivilized destinations. And you don't have to feel you need to be a four wheel driver sports enthusiast. Rather, it’s having the four wheel drive capability to allow you to enjoy unique off the grid destination experiences in relative comfort.

If you want to be the last explorer, where you are so remote you are prepared to abort your rig  if it breaks down, then there's a choice for you. If the basic comforts include an internal toilet and shower, there's an option for you. 

A 4WD camper can range from a roof top tent mounted on a ute canopy, pop top troop carriers or vans, slide-on campers that fit on the back of a four wheel drive ute, four wheel drive motorhomes, or at the more spacious and expensive end of the market, truck campers. These options are discussed in more detail here

slide-on 4wd campers

This site focusses more on slide-on campers. As the name implies, a slide-on allows you to “slide” the camper off the vehicle, either on site, or for storage at home. The big benefit is you are left with a vehicle, independent of your camper. But this is where it gets interesting. The choice of a slide-on is broad, from the basic to the highly comfortable. The choice of suitable vehicle is also very broad. Mixing and matching the two,, camper and vehicle, have numerous traps for the uninitiated. This site will help you unravel the puzzle, to simplify the path to enjoying the benefits of slide-on four wheel drive camping. To get started, click here.

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