Slide On: What’s You Budget?

What’s You Budget?

The first question is budget. If you have a very generous budget, anywhere from $500k up will get you a nice comfortable go anywhere machine. It’s roomy comfort built on a four wheel drive truck. Below that there’s a wide choice of new and second hand truck campers, converted busses, mobile home RV’s.

By comparison, $130k will get you on the road with a compact and well appointed 2 berth four wheel drive motorhome. Typically built on a Toyota Hilux single cab with a hard top motorhome permanently mounted on the back. Complete with shower and toilet and live in cooking facilities its great for long term travellers. You'll be waving past your two wheel drive low clearance motorhome friends as you head down and along the beach for the day.

Moving down the food chain, to around the $100k mark (vehicle and camper), is where you can find an excellent choice of slide-on options.

Loosely speaking, your budget really determines how much you can take with you. At the high end, given the rigs are built on a truck, generally weight is not such an issue. At the lower end, weight is a big factor so minimalistic living applies. Even at lower end of the asset scale, you can still enjoy all the basic comforts and conveniences of home. Realistically, I believe if money was no object, I cant see why in all honesty you wouldn't choose a high end truck based rig. However at the lower end, though you're still looking at over $100K,  I think you will enjoy just the same fantastic adventurous yet comfortable experience.

Of course the secondhand market will present excellent opportunities that can suit all budgets, Once you decide on a the type of camper you want, researching and constantly monitoring the market will inevitably present you an opportunity. When the time comes, you'll know what the market value is and therefore be in a competitive position to quickly negotiate a deal. 

The benefit of buying second hand, if you buy at the right you potentially wont lose as much when you sell. If there's strong demand for your product, you could possibly not lose.  


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