Slide On: Mobile Phone Coverage

I agree this may be slightly offer topic for a slide on camper. We've discussed all the other camper features and essentials such as power. So really, surely it's fitting to discuss internet access! 

While it may be nice to be completely off grid, lets face it, for most of us we still like to have access to the outside world. Its more than just phone calls, it’s having access to information. Vital information, such as using WikiCamps to research the next ultimate camping site. Or, paying bills while away from home. For most people, having maximum mobile phone coverage while camping is mostly a plus.

That’s where the Cel-Fi Mobile Signal Repeater comes in. Along with the aerial mounted on the bull bar, the repeater unit mounts in the car. As long as there is some signal, which normally would not be strong enough to work, the repeater will boost it, thereby increasing coverage.

The car antenna is an omini directional antenna – which means it will pick up signal in all directions. However, if you are off grid, where the terrain, such as a hill, is blocking the signal path to a distant mobile tower, you can swap the antenna connection to a yagi antenna mounted on a pole. 

The yagi antenna looks more like a thin version of a typical TV antenna. It has the benefit of producing a lot more gain to pick up weak signals than the car antenna. The pole can be mounted on anything you like, such as an extendable pool cleaner pole or a long branch or trunk of a nearby tree. Anything tall enough that will give you direct line of site to the mobile tower. You don’t have to actually visibly see the tower, as the system will detect a signal when you rotate the antenna to locate the best signal. There are also apps that will assist you to locate the nearest mobile tower.

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