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The Go-Anywhere Adventurous Experience On Wheels

Hello Fellow Fun Loving Adventurer….

My name is Chris Herrmann. Probably just like you, we knew we wanted to experience a sense of go anywhere adventure. That’s when we discovered slide-on camping.

But with so many options and choices, the daunting question was, where do you begin?  We often felt it would have been so much simpler to just hitch and tow. But we are so glad we stuck with it. We love our slide-on camper. 

Of course if we knew then what we know now, it would have saved us so much time. That's why I wrote down everything we learnt about slide-on campers and created a FREE complimentary guide to help people like you fast track your decision making. The guide is written with you in mind, to help you navigate through the maze of options. To get your FREE guide, click here.

Cheers, Chris

Yaaay.... no need to tow! Find out how our Mazda BT-50 was transformed into a go anywhere four wheel drive complete with all the basic comforts of home...

COMPLIMENTARY GUIDE: Everything I Learnt About Slide-On Campers: The Complete Guide. More...

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